Heroic mom from New Zealand showed how she copes with such a load: see their life here
This story is about a mother from New Zealand who received an infertility assessment after her first child.
The daily life of the largest British family: the happiest Redfords family counts already 22 children
One of the many families on our planet and the largest British family, it is the Redford family.
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This family has lived for 12 years in an exceptional house built of clay and wood: see their habitat
Couple Misty and Bryce Marfarians living in the Canadian city, Hamilton, have decided to move.
Mother forces teenage son to quit job to take family trip against his wishes: see what happened
Many young people are criticized for not wanting to work. But the hero of our story is an American teenager
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Everyone would love to live in this attractive and comfortable shipping container home raised in nature
Lately, images of small cozy houses appear on the Internet. These are innovative and very friendly constructions
The copy of her sister what Tina Kunaki’s 22-year-old brother, who also became a model, looks like
Born to a father of Togolese origin and an Italian mother, this famous French model has a captivating beauty.
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The boy who carried his heart in a backpack has now returned to his usual training rhythm
We know very well that health is something precious that man possesses. Unfortunately, there are people
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Childbirth in a coma: the mother came to her senses only two months after the birth of her baby
Every woman remembers the moment her baby was born, but the mother we are about to talk about was not so lucky.
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They bought a cistern and transformed it into a house: the photo appeared on the cover of a magazine
This old tank was built in 1955 and was used as storage. Recently, a couple decided to buy it to transform
She says she wants to tan her four-month-old son because he’s too pale: worth to read
When parents give birth to a child, they realize that they must take care of their little one, avoiding