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Unexpectedly for everyone Paris Hilton has become a mother and showed the first photo of her child
Paris Hilton has surprised fans with the unexpected news of her becoming a mother. The 41-year-old actress
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The jury was blown away by the two-year-old drummer: a perfect performance
Hugo Molina is a young drummer with extraordinary talent. At just 2 years old, he has already learned
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This devoted elderly woman is the eldest park ranger in the USA: Betty Reid retires at age 100
After over 15 years of publishing her devoted duty stories, Betty Reid Soskin announced her retirement at 100.
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This young woman went viral after publishing her unusual looks: the whole Internet is discussing her legs
Usually, men consider a self-confident woman’s legs are her most attractive feature. And the heroine
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90-year-old woodcutter builds his own Hobbit house where he lives in a charming comfort
After a lifetime of loving J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” books, one man decided to
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When this woman stumbled upon a wingless bumblebee: they had the most incredible relationship and now are inseparable
Fiona Presly and Bee, a queen bumblebee, have an unlikely friendship that defies the odds. One day while
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This little beauty has already grown up and she amazes everyone with her flawless beauty
Stephanie, a young mother, recently posted a picture of her daughter Amai on her Instagram account.
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Concerned Britney Spears’ fans call police for welfare check on the singer: see what happened
Britney Spears, the pop icon known for her on-stage antics and attention-grabbing behavior, has once
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76-year-old Cher sparks rumours that she’s engaged to her 36-year-old boyfriend with diamond ring photo
It’s never too late to find love, and this sentiment rings especially true during the holiday season.
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Tens of thousands dollar value of the outfits Meghan Markle purchased this year has been revealed
The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has reportedly spent a significant amount of money on her wardrobe