Kind-hearted couple adopted eight children from an orphanage so as not to separate them
British husband and wife Mike and Hayley Jones did not think that one day they would have so many children.
Single dad organizes hairdressing master classes for fathers: he’s sharing his creative ideas and lifehacks
Philippe Morgese is a single father who raised his little daughter alone. Emma’s hair was not thick
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This pirate ship bed installed in your child’s bedroom will take them to wonderland: see below
Flights of Fantasy are experts in creating luxury children’s play equipment for customers around
Story of 2-year-old girl born with gray hair goes viral: she has a really extraordinary appearance
The little Brazilian girl called Mayah was born with a rare disorder called pibaldism. She is 2 years
Eleven-year-old boy intentionally gained weight to save his father’s life: he’s a real saviour
The Lu family lives in China, in the Xinjiang province. The parents had two sons and worked hard to earn
This creative mother of three found the best way to break the daily routine: see their daily life details
This creative mother of three has found the best way to break the daily routine. Kate Weiland, the Canadian
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Meet Jessica Rodriguez, a plus-size model who dreams of being the next Miss Universe
The girl, Jessica Rodriguez, originally from Costa Rica, and an overweight model. She wants to become
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Wife didn’t turn off baby monitor in nursery, but husband didn’t know: See what happened next
A baby monitor is a broadcasting device intended to listen to a baby in another room. Once when the baby
The woman weighed 500 kilos, but a very touching event motivated her to change everything
Mayra Lisbeth Rosales weighed 500 kilos. She was morbidly obese and considered the fattest woman in the
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The mother of four wanted one last baby: describe inside the info from there’s she has learned
36-year-old Scottish woman Mary McCandlish, from East Renfrewshire, has decided to give birth to another baby.