Positive Stories
 The father and son Roanoke rescued a missing fisherman 40 miles off the North Carolina coast
Recently, this father-son duo was sailing in the North Atlantic Ocean, when a boat merely crashed into them.
Positive Stories
The kindhearted 9-year-old girl made houses and grew food for the homeless with her own hands
Meet this young but enormously kind and caring girl named Haley Fort. Though she is only 9 years old
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The caring and humane duo spends their spare time clearing up the gravestones of fallen soldiers
Once a kindhearted college student met a retiree and made a charitable friendship for a great purpose.
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This cute baby boy with his thick and volume hair has been mistaken as a girl: he is so adorable
Meet the parents of the cute and sweet Bobby, Rachel, and Gareth Carters from Lydiate, England.
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This blind girl was told to get with her guide dog off the bus, because of the color of its skin
The touching and unfair story of this 22-year-old Megan Taylor and her best guide friend Rowley became
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This creative man turned an old plane into a cozy home and lives in it: it’s incredibly nice inside it
Once, an American engineer named Bruce Campbell from Oregon turned an old aircraft into a cozy massive
Positive Stories
A famous Irish company hires people for cuddling homeless cats all day long: such a kind gesture
Communication is a strong remedy when someone needs to be both physically and mentally recovered.
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The famous Spanish actress and model Rossi De Palma is always sure of her beauty
The famous and popular actress Rossi De Palma is often criticized for her “casual” appearance and look.
Famous People
This talented 7-year-old special boy plays Bohemian Rhapsody on American Idol: he is incredible
This adorable super talented blind young guy admired the whole Internet for his talented performance.
Positive Stories
This sweet exceptional young girl from the UK became the youngest genius in history: she is only 4 years old
The story of this cute young girl stunned the world with her uniqueness. As “Mensa”- the famous organization