Positive Stories
“Hey, I’m here”: the funny moment when the wildlife photographer didn’t notice this cute buck behind him
Probably, you can imagine how difficult it is to find and “catch” the unique and creative moments of
Positive Stories
The world’s most patient pet owner: the caring man loves to slowly stroll around Tokyo with his giant turtle
If you happen to stroll in the streets of Tokyo, you probably will see this caring and patient man wandering
Positive Stories
The caring woman adopted a senior dog from a shelter: soon she found out that she’s her lost childhood pup
This touching reunion is so adorable and proves that our fate always leads us to the right point.
Positive Stories
The 3-year-old baby boy claimed that a friendly bear helped him survive two freezing nights by keeping him safe
This incredible story happened in North California. One day, the 3-year-old boy, Casey Hathaway, was
Positive Stories
An 89-year-old kindhearted grandma knitted over 450 jackets for shelter dogs for winter: such a charitable heart
This heroic and inspiring story is a great example of unconditional love toward animals. Though nowadays
Positive Stories
Joe Biden’s favorite and sweet German Shepherd is the first shelter dog in the White House
Generally, the new president brought lots of “firsts” with him into the White House. And, one of the
Positive Stories
A kindhearted police officer gained respect on the Internet after rescuing cute squirrel cubs: they’re just adorable
Once, this caring police officer recently spotted a roadside scene as he drove through a long-lasting
Positive Stories
A kind and brave boy rescued a unique kitty and made an adorable friendship with it: they are two of a kind
Usually, when two creatures have much in common they make a unique and friendly relationship together.
The smart youngster gave a touching farewell to his senior dog who was about to cross her rainbow bridge
Losing a beloved pet is a difficult case at any stage. However, it’s even harder when a youngster loses it.
The brave doggo rescued an orphan baby fox, soon the cub was warmly welcomed by her new family
All animals are lovely, innocent creatures in the world. They are lovely cute creatures, which can make