A woman wins 200,000 euros after betting 80 cents at the Saint-Malo casino
A forty-year-old woman went to the casino in Saint-Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany, to try her luck.
Woman expecting triplets, but ends up giving birth to fourth baby too: a real miracle
It is said that every newborn baby is a blessing to their family. So Andy Raine and his partner Gemma
The fate of the baby who was born under the rubble of the earthquake and was left without a family
Rescuers found a newborn baby under the rubble hours after the big earthquake in Turkey and Syria.
The daily life of the largest British family: the happiest Redfords family counts already 22 children
One of the many families on our planet and the largest British family, it is the Redford family.
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Meet Jessica Rodriguez, a plus-size model who dreams of being the next Miss Universe
The girl, Jessica Rodriguez, originally from Costa Rica, and an overweight model. She wants to become
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Everyone would love to live in this attractive and comfortable shipping container home raised in nature
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The photos of this young woman have caused a debate on social networks Internet users are discussing her unusual legs
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American actress Jennifer Lawrence, fulfilled after motherhood, proves that becoming a mother is wonderful
Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most beautiful movie stars today. Kentuky, American actress and producer
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With his metal detector, this man made an interesting discovery: the value of the find is invaluable
Billy Vaughan, from Whitehaven, UK, has a very unusual hobby. This health worker had obtained a metal
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The 25-year-old woman gave birth without knowing about the pregnancy: the doctors also didn’t notice anything
Lorna Goodings, a young woman from Great Britain, was a mother of three children. In 2020, after the