Positive Stories
A Japanese restaurant was about to shut down, but the waiter monkey soon brought fame and many customers
Once the manager of a Japanese restaurant supposed it would soon be closed. The reason was the very few
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51-year-old grandma gained a bicep of 43 cm: she was a successful bodybuilder despite her age
Meet Robin, who is already 51 years old grandma. She is a great example of how a woman can follow her
Positive Stories
An African mom and a Vietnamese dad gave the world a cute baby girl with a unique beauty
Love recognizes no races and boundaries. This young couple is a bright example. They married and had
Positive Stories
5 kids in a year: the happy couple had triplets with the help of a donor mother then surprisingly twins
Meet Sarah and Andy, who have been struggling to have a baby for many years. The spouse wished to have
Positive Stories
A homeless man returned a $10,000 check to its rightful owner: his life changed by his honest action
A kindhearted homeless man gave back a very important thing to its rightful owner. However, he could
Positive Stories
The kind 92-year-old pediatrician will help as long as he can: he treats children for free
Good and kind actions rarely happen nowadays. When we see people who unconditionally help and support
Famous People
The largest family on Earth: this man lived with 39 wives, 94 kids, and 33 grandchildren in a huge building
Meet Ziona Chana from Baktawng, India, who made the world’s largest family living with dozens of
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This young girl won all the beauty contests since her childhood: now she is 15 and still is beauty
Meet Eden Wood, who is a very popular girl in the U.S. She won everyone’s hearts when she was just
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The charming young girl with albinism went viral due to her unique appearance: she is famous for her peculiarity
Sometimes, nature creates perfections by its own rules. A typical example of such a creation is albinism.
Positive Stories
This young Latina girl finished high school at the age of 8: she has an IQ higher than Einstein
As we know Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Adhara Pérez are considered genuine. Humanity calls