UK’s most ”unwanted” dog is already four years in a shelter, still looking for owners

All the house pets in the shelters deserve to be adopted. Some of them are abandoned and abused, some of them are just not loved, etc.

We believe, that dogs have feelings. They feel the sadness of being ignored. This same feeling has Sue – the most ”unwanted” dog in the UK.

The thing is that Sue has been living in a shelter for 4 years. In front of her, hundreds of dogs have been adopted during this period of time.

The shelter where Sue lives loves the dog and gives her special attention. Sue has an overexcited personality. Maybe it was the reason that the poor doggie was adopted for a short time and returned back to the shelter.

When rescued Sue was four years old. After another four years, there is nobody who would love to be a family to her yet.

The employees tell that since Sue appeared in their place, 941 dogs have been adopted. It’s really unclear why the energetic dog is always overpassed.

Probably adopters look at her appearance and don’t like how she looks like. In fact, brindle dogs take around 36% longer to find a house than other colors.

The caregivers still hope that someone will actually look at this heartbroken dog with kind eyes and will give her the joy and care she deserves!

If you have the desire to adopt this precious thing, you can contact the shelter at this address: [email protected]

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UK’s most ”unwanted” dog is already four years in a shelter, still looking for owners
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