Positive Stories
The unique secret of nature that surprises everyone: a Chinese rock that lays stone eggs every 30 years
The Chan Da Ya, located in the Qiannan Bui-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of China’s Guizhou Province
Positive Stories
This is incredible: this boy came up with a business idea and bought an apartment after 8 months
In the face of a financial crisis and mounting debts, the Pacheko family, led by Berenis and her three
Interesting News
Man dressed as an alligator climbed into the swamp to real reptiles: see their reaction
To further his research on alligators, Zoologist Gary Saurage found it necessary to approach and observe
Interesting News
Locals found a mysterious hole in the forest and could not figure out what it was
One day, a group of locals in Estonia were out for a walk in the forest when they stumbled upon a mysterious